Centerpointe Holosync vs Lifeflow Review: Potent But Not Equal

How Meditating with Holosync and LifeFlow Has Transformed my Life

Bill Harris, the inventor of Holosync, says that “Any area of life where you are operating without awareness (unconsciously), that inevitably will be an area of your life where you will have problems”.

I am the perfect example of what Bill was referring to. I spent more than thirteen years – from the ages of 20 to 33 – in a living hell, plagued with chronic depression combined with anxiety.

Driven to get out of this painful existence, I tried practically everything: faith healers, energy and spiritual healers, personal development seminars, holistic therapies, diet, self-help books, psychotherapists/councilors, traditional meditation, numerous food supplements and even some questionable brain therapies.

Alas, nothing worked, except to distract me for a while. Then, I discovered brainwave-entrainment meditation programs, starting with the Centerpointe Holosync program and ending up with Project Meditation Lifeflow, which has now become an integral part of my personal and spiritual growth daily practice.

This is the story of my voyage from the depths of my own personal hell to a place of acceptance, and a life of joy and peace of mind, emotional health and steady progress – a place of stability and happiness in life. It is also the story of what brainwave entrainment meditation has done for me, how it all works and how it can be the cornerstone of an exciting and effective journey of growth and healing.

A Story of Recovery through MeditationMeditation for Beginners

In order to understand what a huge effect Holosync and later Lifeflow technology had on my life, I will share here some more about about the pervasive difficulties that I used to experience in my daily life.

I knew that something was wrong with me since I was very young. I can’t really remember a time when I was ever fully comfortable with myself. I was constantly looking for something external to me to make me feel right. I had very low self-esteem and self-worth. I felt completely inadequate in most situations, particularly among other people. I felt anxious and was regularly uneasy, even in normal, familiar situations where one could reason that there was really nothing threatening me.

There was nothing wrong with my capacity to learn, work and produce or my intellect, and I performed reasonably well at school, getting above average grades, and I started a BSc degree in Software Engineering at university when I was only seventeen. I did well academically, but looking back I can honestly say that I was depressed the entire four years of studies. Some emotional abuse when I was young was lingering in my unconscious and controlling my moods and feelings. To cope, I drank a lot and experimented with various recreational drugs (amphetamines, LSD, marijuana, ecstasy). No wonder I had difficulty maintaining a normal relationship, also going through a very painful break up with my first long-term sweetheart.

After finishing university, things went even more downhill. I got a good job and my own income to spend on avoiding reality, anaesthetising myself all the while with alcohol and drugs. But of course this only made things worse and I slipped into a clinical depression, ending up in a psychiatric hospital ward. I was working at the time as a programmer for a software company and had to take six months off work before I was able to function again. During this time I became completely dependent on tranquilizers and anti-depressants in order to function normally.

Medication was not helping much even though I was taking the maximum recommended dose of Prozac. I had no self-confidence and was not able to lead a normal life and enjoy simple pleasures. I was full of fear and very angry. It did not help that at the time I was forty pounds overweight and looked awful.

The anti-depressants were making me feel dopy and lethargic, out of focus and unable to do the computer-based work that I was hired to do. That added to my anxiety since I thought that I would have to leave my job or worse still I would be fired for lack of productivity.

My life was a mess, and I had to be hospitalized for deep depression three more times before 2005, when things reached a head and I realised that enough was enough.


The (Not-So-Straight) Road to Recovery holosync-lifeflow-recovery-exit

During this time my family were constantly worried about me, and they love me so much that it hurt them deeply to see me suffering. Even though I tried to put on a brave face, I couldn’t really hide my pain.

So I started to look for answers – I read all sorts of self-help books, attended numerous seminars, tried both healers and therapists, various diets and exercise programs. Some did help me somewhat but not to the extent that I needed. Then in 2009 I discovered Holosync. Although Bill Harris from Centerpointe was making big promises about the effectiveness of his Holosync program, I was skeptical. “I’ve heard it all before” I mused.

I read about the science behind the meditation and brainwave entrainment and it seemed to make sense to me that deep meditation would help.

The idea that sound-induced meditation could peel off layers upon layers of repression deep in the psyche was very attractive and sounded promising. The concept that each of us is the same at our core, containing limitless potential and power that can be unleashed and harnessed was logical to me. I reasoned that if it helped me to relax and also grow in awareness that I would gradually shed the unconscious self-destructive conditioned thinking and behaviors that fed my depression, and come to learn and notice resourceful ways of being that healed and revealed my innate happiness and joy. Would this help me to find my higher self, the self that is limitless?

I bought Holosync in early 2009. I lay in my bed and listened to it before sleeping every night and after only one week I could sense change. Something was happening to me that was suddenly giving me hope. It was just a tangible feeling that something was changing. Things just seemed different.

Three weeks later, I started to believe that I might have stumbled upon the solution to the biggest problems in my life – tension, lack of awareness, unconscious-ness.

The changes were gradual and subtle. I had more energy and was more optimistic. My roommate commented that I was spontaneously singing more in the house. I’m grateful he noticed and told me, it was another small thing that signaled change.

My sense of reasoning was sharper and the fog was lifting from my mind. I started relating to people with much more ease, I felt much more relaxed than before and had a new-found optimism.

So I continued to use Holosync. But the initial boost wore off and I noticed also that there were times when my mind was very jumbled up and I was very disoriented and extremely restless. Sometimes the anxiety and tension in my body would get very intense and would be incapable of functioning at all. This usually occurred when starting a new level or moving onto a new CD of a level (Level 1 onwards has 4 CD’s per level). I was also getting deep bouts of depression sometimes at the start of a new level. This would usually wear off after a week or two but were very discouraging.

Bill Harris says that these periods of overwhelm would wear off and then we would return to normal, but for me they were just too long and too intense. I read on some blogs and forums that Holosync overwhelm is very common and that is not suitable for everyone. Also, coincidentally, a friend who had no history of depression told me that he went into a deep depression for three months just from using the Holosync preliminary level (Awakening Prologue). I knew that I had to quit using it.

So I researched alternatives and found an alternative program that would give me the best of both worlds – great meditations, relaxation and growth in awareness, without the upheaval – a program that I found which seemed to fit the bill – Lifeflow from Project Meditation.

I was very pleased with how I felt when using Lifeflow, it was quite different to Holosync. There was a feeing of lightness that was in contrast to the heaviness that I felt when using Holosync. Each level has a different audio I found them absolutely beautiful. The accelerated positive effect of this deep meditation on my brain and body, and on my mental, emotional and physical health was astounding, and those benefits began to appear just days after starting using the LifeFlow audios.


Holosync, then Lifeflow – Sound Induced Meditation – It Works!

The Lifeflow meditation program uses specific combinations of low frequency audio waves and beat patterns in order to produce a very distinct “entrainment” effect on the brain wave patterns. Both Lifeflow and Holosync are reasonably similar in the way they produce their effect – they reliably induce brainwave patterns that are exactly the same as those of very deep meditation.

Just listen to one Lifeflow level for forty minutes every day using headphones, with the intention of focussing on the audio, will induce a very deep meditative state from the very first time you use it.

This meditative state is so good that is said to go beyond the deepest meditation levels achieved by experienced meditators. The level of meditation that takes some meditators years to reach, you will experience after just one listening session of Lifeflow.

Using a mantra helps a lot, but strictly speaking, you do not need to know anything about meditation, or about the technology which brings you to the deep meditation level. All you need is an open mind and a set of headphones. It’s ideal for beginners – whether they know how to meditate or not, the unique Lifeflow soundtrack will induce a deep meditative state. Don’t worry if your mind wonders off, which is very common with people new to meditation – when you notice your mind wandering, come back to the audio and you’re back deep again.

The way the sound waves affect our brain is by stimulating the production of vital hormones such as Human Growth Hormone and a number of neurotransmitters in our brain such as serotonin, endorphins and dopamine, sometimes known as the “feel-good” neurotransmitters. Besides inducing this deep meditative state, the sound waves are powerful energy boosters and excellent aid in inducing deep relaxing sleep.

The positive effect of the regular deep daily meditation on both the brain and the body is cumulative and accelerated. They start with the first meditative session and keep growing through weeks and months of the use of the Lifeflow program.

Using Lifeflowholosync-flower

Lifeflow is a 10 level program, starting with Level 10 and moving to the next “lower” level after each month. The program uses mainly isochronic beats and has a different beautiful ambient soundtrack on each level. The Lifeflow audios are 40 minutes long so it takes 20 minutes less per day than Holosync to use it (Holosync takes an hour a day – too long in my opinion).

The first significant thing that I noticed when using it was that it creates a tangible sense of presence and “spaciousness” in me – a sense that I’m grounded and in the moment, and it’s extremely relaxing to use. I find that Holosync sounds “busy” in comparison, and Lifeflow is much easier to meditate with a mantra to as it’s more beat-based than tone based (Holosync is tone-based). After a month of using Lifeflow, I read on their forum that it is best to use a mantra along with it, so I did and the relaxation and deep meditative effect was increased twofold – my growth and recovery really took a step forward because of this.

Anyway – you probably want to know the juicy information – i.e. the benefits of using it for two years as I now have (now is June 2013).


Some of the Benefits I’ve Received

Here’s what I’ve gained from using Lifeflow to Meditate and what You can also Expect

Using Lifeflow for over two years now has made a huge change for the better in my life. It has grown my sense of self and my well-being in many different ways and I feel that the benefits just keep growing as the time passes. Here are some of them:

– Improves sleep patterns – if you used to sleep too much, you will need less sleep, and if you had problem sleeping, you will get a regular good night’s sleep.

– Regulates eating habits and appetite, making overweight people lose weight quickly.

– Radically improves concentration and focus

– Improves problem-solving skills and many things that used to be difficult are suddenly much easier

– Immensely improves work productivity

– Greatly improves the mood, bringing back the playfulness and laughter into the daily life

– Greatly heightens creativity and artistic talents

– Greatly improves earning ability

– Very quickly lowers and then completely eliminates stress

– Awareness, insight, sharpness and understanding are greatly enhanced

– Self-confidence is immensely improved

– Communication skills are greatly improved, as well as the ability to form meaningful relationships with family and friends

– Creates a sense of being connected to a greater whole, physically and spiritually

– Massively improves tolerance levels – many annoying things became insignificant

– Intuition or higher intelligence is enhanced, and keeps growing

– Inner peace, ability to enjoy life and deep serenity continue to grow.

– Tension headaches, pains and aches in shoulders, arms, legs and neck disappeared. I feel years younger.



Pssst – An Important Secret!

Through my year-long use of Lifeflow, I discovered that there is a secret to its long-term success: consistent and persistent use. Consistent, meaning every day if possible. Persistent, meaning for the prolonged period of time, progressing from lower to higher level.

I am aware that the adversity I had to go through helped me to develop a degree of discipline. I believe that discipline, even my brand of pretty haphazard discipline, was what helped me in my road to recovery. Without discipline, people tend to use programs like these for a short time, and lacking persistence, discontinue its use after even just a week.

This way they deprive themselves of an opportunity for fantastic growth and unprecedented happiness. A patchy, sporadic way of using it without consistency does not work. It is a journey which requires a level of commitment, but the results are worth it.

There is a lesson to be learned here. In so many fields and aspects of our lives, we fail to succeed because we expect instant gratification. Consistency and persistence are the key to success in any endeavor you undertake.

I know that I can attribute my success with Lifeflow to the consistency with which I have been using it. I made a conscious decision to use it every day, for a long time. It became, like showering and eating breakfast, a vital and necessary part of my everyday life.

My experience shows that the growth develops in stages, progressively, each stage providing a foundation for the next one. I rebuilt my life progressively, and the results grew exponentially. I continue to develop and grow in every sense: physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Quick Comparison Table of Holosync v Lifeflow

For those of you who were thinking of buying the most popular brainwave entrainment program on the market, Holosync, here’s a quick table comparing Holosync with Lifeflow.

Holosync® LifeFlow®
Causes Emotional Overwhelm/Upheaval: Causes very intense and tough periods of emotional upheaval and overwhelm Causes little if any upheaval
Suitable for those with a history of emotional difficulties: Not suitable at all Very suitable
Sound technology: Binaural beats only Binaural beats, Monaural tones, Isochronic tones (12 layers)
Cost of full series: Holosync – Approx $3000 Lifeflow – $670 ($67 per level maximum)
Background sounds: Each level has the same standard Holosync rain soundtrack Each Lifeflow level has a unique ambient soundtrack (these are truly amazing!)
Effectiveness: Effective series New sound technology makes LifeFlow the most effective on the market
Satisfaction guarantee: Money back only on the first level (Holosync Awakening Prologue) Money back on any Lifeflow level
Product support: Lifetime support Lifetime support
User Support Forum: No support forum for Holosync users Active support forum for Lifeflow users


Today, the Sky is the Limit

I firmly believe that there is no limit to what I can achieve with the help of Lifeflow. Only two years ago, when I began using Lifeflow I was still suffering a lot and really pessimistic about my life.

Today, I have my own successful business, which is doing great in the middle of the worst economic climate imaginable! I am much more balanced now than even one year ago. I am stronger emotionally and mentally. The relationships with people around me are healthier and I feel much happier.

Awareness and self-love are the keys to growth and recovery, which have been aided greatly my my daily meditation. The changes and the benefits are cumulative. Each step in growth is building on the previous step.

Holosync and now Lifeflow facilitated the release of a range of repressed emotions, freeing an enormous amount of unused energy in me. Today, I am bursting with energy and I feel light and free. Instead of focusing on my disease, I can finally focus on the work I love and on enjoying life. The meditation technology helped me build a solid, healthy foundation on which I can build the next stage of my life.

I believe that the road to recovery, the process of growth and change is as important as the change itself. If the change happened instantly, could you cope with it? Would you recognize the person you became, if you changed overnight? Change that happens overnight can be like eating too much cake at once: it can make you ill.

I hope you managed to get something useful out of my life story. I hope that the story of my experience has helped you in some way.

I also hope that you realise the importance of self-responsibility – take your life journey into your own hands – I’ve learned for myself that above all else, this is tantamount to progress.

To download the free Lifeflow demo or to buy the full first level (instant download) click here: for their website

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  1. Great article, I’ll have a look at Lifeflow on the monthly payment plan. I was going to buy Holosync but it’s very expensive, and I’ve had anxiety issues in the past so I think I’ll play it safe. Thanks for your review!

  2. Great article, I’ll have a look at Lifeflow on the monthly payment plan. I was going to buy Holosync but it’s very expensive, and I’ve had anxiety issues in the past so I think I’ll play it safe. Thanks for your review!

    • I think that’s wise Celente. One thing that I discovered was that Holosync is suitable for some and very unsuitable for many others. I know of people who’ve gone into deep depressions as a result of overwhelm brought on from Holosync. So while I raved about Holosync in the start, I’ve totally stopped recommending it to others, it’s just too risky, even though Bill Harris would never admit it (he’s a very agressive marketer).
      Lifeflow gets my vote all the way.

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